Upgrade to NEM-Review v6.3 released

1a)  Metered Demand

To date, NEM-Review has only re-distributed one measure of demand published by NEMMCO/AEMO.  This was the “Target Demand” as defined in this table.

Some time after the market started, NEMMCO/AEMO started also publishing “Metered Demand” (also defined in this table).  With this upgrade, we have:
i.  Added Metered Demand into NEM-Review.
ii.  We have also clarified the naming of the Target Demand data set to ensure that it is clear which one you are using.
You can now access both from the “Regions” tab

Metered Demand is now available back to 9th July 2004 (which is when NEMMCO started publishing it – but not through MarketNet).

Example uses of Metered DemandIn this recent post on WattClarity ®, we take a look at the difference between Metered Demand and Target Demand, in the context of understanding how growth in average demand seems to be slowing in more recent years.

1b) Metered Generation

Similarly, NEM-Review has (since its first release) provided updates of “Target Generation (as Generated)” as defined in this table.

Because this data is an output from NEMDE, it has only ever been available for those generators that receive dispatch instructions from AEMO (i.e. Scheduled Generators – and Semi-Scheduled, more recently).

In more recent times, NEMMCO/AEMO has also started also publishing instantaneous values for metered generation on 5-minute intervals including for some (but not all) Non-Scheduled generators (wind farms constructed earlier, sugar mills, smaller hydro, etc…)

About the Scheduled, Semi-Scheduled and Non-Scheduled classesYou can see how each individual DUID has been registered with AEMO in the Generator Catalogue within NEM-Review.

Use the “Group By” option when selecting Generators in the data series to group by “NEMMCO Class” as one way of selecting generators only in the classification of interest.

You also might appreciate a copy of our “Power Trading Schematic” Market Map, as this provides a graphical view of the classifications of currently operating generators across the NEM.

From this data, we have now derived “Metered Generation (as Generated)”, also defined in this table, to include in the NEM-Review database.

With this upgrade, we have:
i. Added Metered Generation into NEM-Review.
ii. We have also clarified the naming of the Target Generation data set to ensure that it is clear which one you are using.

Metered Generation is available back to the start of the NEM, or from when newer stations commenced operating.

New stations added into NEM-Review in this upgradeWe’ve made this subsequent post to provide some details about the stations that can be newly analysed in NEM-Review as a result of the addition of the “Metered Generation” data set.

1c) New Reports

One of the major enhancements we made in the upgrade to v6 was the ability for clients to save one or more queries in a tabbed NRF file, a little like your favourite spreadsheet app.

With the upgrade to v6.3, we have made this even more powerful by including the ability for you now to design a report for a sliding period.

For instance, you might want to configure yourself a standard report of weekly NEM statistics, which might have multiple tabs – each with their own piece of analysis.  Then double-click to run each Monday, whilst grabbing your coffee, to review what happened last week.

Example uses of the new reporting abilityWhen we have time, we’ll add in some examples of how you might use this feature on WattClarity® and link them here…

1d)  Easier to Trial

With the upgrade to v6.3 we have made it easier for you to trial the software.

The standard trial installation will access a sample set of recent data from the NEM-Review web database via standard HTTP ports (rather than requiring you to open a dedicated SQL network port – which was troublesome for some clients).

Trial the new NEM-Review today!You can be up and running in only 5 minutes – just install the software by following the steps outlined here

1e) Web Database works better, in your Annual licence

We’ve configured NEM-Review such that it can work wherever you are – in the office, on the road, and even at 30,000ft (see here for configuration)

With the upgrade to v6.3, the change to the Web Database access arrangements (i.e. working through standard HTTP ports) will also make it easier for you to access, whist you are on the road.

1f)  Changed Owners, Bidders and Traders

With the privatisations in NSW, the restructure of Alinta and the Genco reshuffle in QLD (amongst other developments) we’re also working through the process of updating the Bidders, Owners and Traders used to classify power stations in NEM-Review.  These are explained here.

We’re doing this in conjunction with our development of the 2011 Issue of the “Power Supply Schematic” Market Map, which is still on the go at present.

When we have completed this work, it will be automatically propagated through to client’s NEM-Review database through the update mechanism.

2 – How do I access the upgrade?

There are three components involved in the NEM-Review service – the Updater, the Database and the Client.  This is shown here.

You will only need to install an upgrade for the Client.

2a) NEM-Review Update Server

To make all of these changes, we have not needed to upgrade the updater.

2b) NEM-Review Database

All the new data, and the new data structures, have been automatically delivered through to your database already through your copy of the NEM-Review Updater.

If you have any questions about this, please give us a call on +61 (0)7 3368 4064

2a) NEM-Review Analysis Client

To access the new data, and functionality, you will have to reinstall this one.  Your old copy will continue running normally in the meantime.

To do this, please follow the steps (for the Analysis Client only) that are included here.

3 – What’s on the agenda for future upgrades?

We’ve already started planning what’s next – stay tuned here for more information, as the development unfold.

If you have specific suggestions you can provide to us, please do so  via:
1)  Call us on +61 (0)7 3368 4064
2)  Send them in on this feedback form.

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