AEMO’s estimated small-scale (i.e. rooftop) solar PV added to NEM-Review v6

The AEMO’S rooftop solar generation forecasting system, the Australian Solar Energy Forecasting System 2 (ASEFS2), commenced publishing data in the 2016 mid-year MMS data release. The system provides forecast and estimated actual output of rooftop solar PV cells per region.

The estimated actual rooftop solar generation, from the 27th May 2016, is now available in NEM-Review. The regional data has been included under the Generators tab as new a station per region:

  • NSW Rooftop PV
  • QLD Rooftop PV
  • SA Rooftop PV
  • TAS Rooftop PV
  • VIC Rooftop PV

For users with a copy of NEM-Review the new solar data is automatically available.

To understand more about the contribution of small-scale solar in the NEM, Paul McArdle has posted a new article on WattClarity: The opacity of distributed, small-scale solar PV output.

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