Early beta of NEMreview v7 used to highlight physical-to-financial linkage (combining AEMO and ASX data)

With historical, time-series ASX Energy data incorporated in the NEMreview v7 framework late in 2016, we were able to use an early version of NEMreview v7 to produce the analysis behind this post on WattClarity ® on 24th January 2017, which highlights how interconnected the physical (i.e. AEMO) and financial (i.e. ASX Energy) markets are for the NEM.

Here’s that chart again:

Illustrating one example of where a spike in price in the physical market flows through to the financial market

It’s because of this close connection that we have been very keen to incorporate ASX Energy data (which we have been dealing with through the NEMFuturesUpdater for many years – just only now with the upgrade to NEMreview v7 been able to incorporate in conjunction with AEMO price data).