Energy-sector analyst, David Leitch, uses NEMreview to calculate wind farm capacity factors for 37 wind farms

On 22nd August 2017, Energy sector analyst (and frequent author on RenewEconomy), David Leitch, published this analysis of average capacity factors of 37 wind farms installed across the southern half of the NEM (there are not yet any significant wind farms in the northern half).

1)   Calculating capacity factors with NEM-Review v6

Using version 6 of NEM-Review to calculate capacity factors requires some work to be done outside of NEM-Review (i.e. taking the generation volumes, derived directly in NEM-Review, but dividing by a calculated figure for total installed capacity calculated outside of NEM-Review.

2)   Calculating capacity factors with NEMreview v7

With development of NEMreview v7 currently ongoing, we are exploring the extent to which Capacity Factors will be able to be derived directly within NEMreview itself (i.e. utilising a time-varying record of installed capacity for each generator to derive the denominator in the calculation).  This data would come from the “Generator Catalog” currently being compiled.

For those clients seeking to speak with us about this particular enhancement, it has been logged as TFS-9056.