A brief explanation about ez2trend

Today I have emailed a broader list of Australian energy sector stakeholders, to invite them to participate in the development of NEMreview v7.

If you’d like to participate in the development of NEMreview v7, please please let us know:
1) Give us a call on +61 7 3368 4064; or
2) Email us at NEMreview@global-roam.com .

(1)   About NEMreview v7

Separately I have posted here today some more detail about the development of NEMreview v7.

(2)   … powered by ez2trendTM

In the development of NEMreview v7, we’re investing significantly in the development of some core underlying technology that will power not just NEMreview, but also a number of other products that utilise time-series data in a variety of ways (periodic analysis, live updating trends, and more…).   We’re calling that technology ez2trendTM.

Whilst the focus of this email (and our invitation to you) is in relation to the NEMreview product, we would like to flag how ez2trend will also be utilised in some of our other products:

ez2trend within the “Time Series Data Viewer” in ez2view Our ez2view software provides a very rich and detailed way of understanding intricate details of what’s happening in the NEM (bidding behaviour, transmission constraints, energy-and-FCAS co-optimisation and so on.  

It’s been developed for those who have real money at stake in terms of how the NEM is dispatched.  Because of this intensive focus, a larger version of ez2trend is being used (now) to power a “Time Series Data Viewer” module within that application.

Clients can access this now, and (if you are not already providing us feedback) we would welcome your input into the ongoing development of ez2trend within ez2view.


deSide Analysis online For large energy users utilising our deSide software we will also be using ez2trend to power an online analysis capability specifically focused on your needs.  

As an interim measure, we’ve provided you access to the pre-release beta of NEMreview, so you can also feed into the development process – please let me know if you’ve forgotten how to access this?


As an example of something that’s a bit different… The underlying ez2trend engine is being developed to support a broad range of different – as one example of what these might be here’s a web widget we’ve put together showing trended generation-by-fuel-type for the electricity grid of Ontario, on the other side of the world.  

We have already identified a range of potential uses of this technology, but would be interested to hear from you if something jumps out at you?


(3)   If you’d like to be involved

If you would like to be involved in the development process (for NEMreview, and the underlying ez2trend technology), then please let us know:
1) Give us a call on +61 7 3368 4064; or
2) Email us at NEMreview@global-roam.com .