Invitation broadened, to assist us in completing the development of NEMreview v7

Today I have emailed a broader list of Australian energy sector stakeholders, to invite them to participate in the development of NEMreview v7.

If you’d like to participate in the development of NEMreview v7, please please let us know:
1) Give us a call on +61 7 3368 4064; or
2) Email us at .

(1)   About NEMreview v7

Our NEMreview software has been assisting a diverse group of energy sector analysts to “slice and dice” historical data relating to the the east-coast National Electricity Market since as far back as 2001.   Where we have seen them, we have included some examples of this here on our website, and will be compiling more here on the new NEMreview portal.

Since late 2016, we’ve been developing a major upgrade to version 7 that has involved both:
(a)   Moving the product online, so clients can access at; and
(b)   Expanding the range of data available – from the AEMO for the NEM, but also a broad range of time-series data relevant to the Australian energy sector.

This has been a bottom-up rewrite of the software, and is taking some time – however it is enabling us to deliver a broader set of value to NEMreview subscribers.

The development of NEMreview v7 will extend well into 2018 – so we are utilising our own form of Agile development methodology in order to ensure that:
(a)   We provide new value to existing clients soonest.   All of our existing v6 clients (including some new ones) have been provided early access to a pre-release beta of NEMreview v7 in order that they can be benefiting from the new data and functionality that’s already been included (with more continuing to be added in the weeks and months ahead); and
(b)   By using the new version now, they are also best placed to input into our development process, to ensure that the new version we’re developing will closely meet their evolving needs into the future.   We have very much appreciated the input we’ve been receiving from clients, and look forward to it continuing into the future.

Given the length of the development project (and its potential significance to energy sector analysts), we’re seeking to broaden the number of points of input we’re receiving about the product, so we can also factor in this input prior to commercial release of version 7.   Hence the email today:

Who is NEMreview being built for?
We’re expanding the scope of the data sets covered in v7 to cover the whole of Australia, and various commodities related to “energy” – hence taking the “NEM” in the product to mean a truly Australia-wide National Energy Market.
What data sets are being included? Today there are 18,813 data sets currently available in version 7.

This number will climb considerably further before we are ready to fully release the new software. Along with what’s currently a sample set of AEMO data included for the NEM, we have already included:
1)   Historical weather measurements (temperature, humidity, wind speed, etc) for more than 1000 weather measurement points across Australia.   We have currently collected at least 10 years of history, and are looking to go back to 1999 to line up with the start of the NEM;
2)   Earlier this year we began the incorporation of historical (annual) LGC registration data for all the Large-Scale Renewable Generators registered with the Clean Energy Regulator;
3)   Coupled with this, we have a time-series of green prices (from Green Energy Trading) included;
4)   We’ve utilised the NEMFuturesUpdater to feed into NEMreview end-of-day Price, Volume and Open Interest for all Base, Peak and Cap contracts created by ASX Energy and traded for the four mainland regions;
5)   We’ve started adding in data from the AEMO for the electricity market covering the South-West Interconnected System (SWIS) in WA;
6)   Reconciling the different registrations systems for power stations (i.e. AEMO for the NEM, IMO for the WEM, and Clean Energy Regulator for Large-Scale Renewable, plus more to come) has required us to compile a master list of power stations with meta data, Australia-wide, in a Generator Catalog that will be provided as part of a client’s NEMreview subscription, expanding on what’s in v6 (and extending out to prospective plant).

That’s a fair few data sets already – however we recognise that there’s a long, long list of other data sets we could be adding in.Rather than provide you a detailed list (and possibly skew the input you might provide us) we’d like to hear from you about what you would like to see in NEMreview v7.

However I would like to flag, up front, two obvious data sets that are missing and will definitely be included:
1a)   Currently there is no gas market data included in the early beta of v7.   This is flagged for inclusion for both the STTM and the Victorian markets [TFS-9706] but we would particularly like to hear from you if you have specific requirements in terms of which data (we’re already collecting a fair bit for other purposes, just want to be sure that what we add in is useful).
1b)  Also, if you can help us find good data for gas on the west [TFS-9345], please let us know?
2)   We’ll also be adding in “simplified” bid data from generators in the NEM [TFS-9342] (we have several other, much richer, visualisations already in ez2view and are not seeking to reinvent that wheel).

Beyond those two other additions, there is a long, long list of other data sets we could include – but we really want to be led by you, in terms of what’s important to you?

Who is a target customer for NEMreview v7? NEM-Review v6 is used by a broad cross section of people who want to analyse the energy market for a range of commercial or other (e.g. policy, advocacy) reasons.  

We made a conscious choice to focus that version on analysts who did not work at the large market participants (we have other products, like ez2view, that provide for this), but rather to focus on making NEMreview more useable, and understandable, to analysts sitting on the outside of the market, looking in (and perhaps being as interested in the specifics of AEMO MMS lingo as a result).This broader external focus will continue with NEMreview v7, but will expand to encompass electricity, gas and green for the whole of the country.

(2)   … powered by ez2trendTM

Also today, I’ve posted here some broader context of the underlying ez2trendTM technology we’re building to power NEMreview v7 along with other products, and ways we serve our diverse range of clients.

(3)   If you’d like to be involved

If you would like to be involved in the development process, then please let us know:
1) Give us a call on +61 7 3368 4064; or
2) Email us at .