Development of “Generator Report Card 2018” to produce data feed for NEMreview v7

On Monday 29th October 2018 over on our WattClarity® site, we announced that we were developing a “Generator Report Card 2018” with data till 31st December 2018 for release early in 2019.  This is a separate product from NEMreview, purchasable separately.

However the development of this report does dove-tail into what we need to do, in continuing the development of NEMreview v7.

Given that the NEMreview is an entry-level analytical tool that is broadly used by interested stakeholders on the outside of the wholesale market, looking in (whereas ez2view is the higher-end tool for those who have significant exposure to the market) we see that there is a nice synergy between:
1)  The development of the Generator Report Card 2018 (containing insights and summaries based on trends of a broad range of monthly metrics for power station performance); with
2)  The continued development of NEMreview v7 (where we envisage that users should be able to run their own queries on these derived monthly metrics for power station performance).

Currently (as at Monday 19th November) we have identified 123 metrics we are exploring for this Generator Report Card, with the intention to also make this post-processed data trends available to NEMreview v7 users through the software – ideally on a monthly granularity with metrics reported per station.

If you would like to provide us feedback about this initiative, please do so here – or give us a call on +61 7 3368 4064.