GRC2018 released, providing insights of metrics to be added to NEMreview

As noted in this article on WattClarity, on 31st May 2019 we released the much awaited Generator Report Card 2018 (GRC2018) after a mammoth development effort.

As noted on this explanatory page, the GRC2018 essentially comprises two principal components of value:

~170 pages of Detailed Analysis 328 pages in a unit-level
“Generator Statistical Digest
Using the extensive 20-year history of NEM generation we have assembled in a transformation of the AEMO’s MMS database (plus some additional data from the Clean Energy Regulator and the Bureau of Meteorology) we have performed numerous discrete pieces of analysis – many of which could warrant a separate report in their own right.

Rather than split these pieces of analysis separately, we deliberately chose to include them all in this Generator Report Card to reflect the holistic nature of the challenges inherent in this transition.

We chose to split this analysis between:

  • Part 2 (14 x Key Themes ~60 pages); and
  • Part 4 (Aggregations ~100 pages)
    …for easier readability.

This analysis is described further here.

Included as Part 3, we have compiled a rich statistical page for every DUID (i.e. unit) in the NEM for which there was operational data within the 10 year period to 31st December 2018.

This covers both:
1)  Generators visible to AEMO; and
2)  Scheduled Loads (i.e. charging of batteries, and pumping for pumped storage hydro).

The structure, and content, of each of these pages in the Statistical Digest are explained here .

One of the reasons that we invested so much effort in the development of the GRC2018 was that it helped us identify a core set of Key Performance Indicators (we’re thinking of them as ‘Metrics’) that need to be made available to clients in the new version of NEMreview.

This is not a simple exercise, as the Metrics are far from just being raw data published by AEMO, but since the release of the GRC2018 we have been working to develop the capability to have these Metrics available in NEMreview v7.