Second new tab created … ‘Units (NEM FCAS)’ … as part of the IESS-inspired streamlining of NEMreview v7

Back on 20th April we wrote about ‘April 2024 enhancements to NEMreview in preparation for IESS’, with these upgrades to NEMreview v7 being required because of (and inspired by) the IESS Market Changes.

1)  Back then we’d also written the background note ‘What is IESS, and why is it relevant to NEMreview?’ ;

2)  But also useful to note that this week (on Monday 3rd June) the main part of IESS went live, as noted on WattClarity.


This week we’ve also rolled out the next part of the streamlining of the interface to queryable data in NEMreview, which is summarised in the following image:

As you can see, this reconfiguration provides focus to the two most important data series relevant to each FCAS commodity for each participating unit:

1)  How much the unit is Enabled to provide (as an output from NEMDE)

… because of the overwhelming nature of the ‘too many data points’ layout of the ‘Generators (Legacy)’ tab we had tried naming these commodities ‘Targets’ to be consistent with ENERGY, but that had also inadvertently caused confusion (as they are not actually ‘targets’).

2)  How much the unit was Available to provide that commodity (as the input considered by NEMDE)

In addition, we’ve removed some other data series which had been available, but which had not been used by the majority of clients – and had been the cause of confusion with others.


As always, we’d welcome your feedback.